Hi! I’m Norm

Hi! I’m Norman Dempsey @DempseyOnline, Tech MacGyver, Entrepreneur, Spark Growth, BarCamp Sarasota-Bradenton Leader. MORE LESS

Tech Innovator

Norman Dempsey - Resident Tech Innovator Resident Tech Innovator Exploring Possibilities at Station 2 Innovation. MORE LESS

Social Media Mgr

Norman Dempsey - Social Media Manager Acquired to be Twitter’s first Design Manager, tasked with designing the design team. MORE LESS

University of S. Fla.

University of South Florida USF Business School’s Executive Education Program, Certificate in Business Excellence MORE LESS

Acquired Taste!

Acquired Taste! After six amazing years in business, nclud was acquired. Next stop, Twitter. MORE LESS

Yale University

Yale University Business Perspectives for Creative Leaders Professional Development Program MORE LESS

Thinking Different

Thinking Different Partnered with Apple on re-inventing and innovating the front-end technologies that power everything! MORE LESS


canvas.co/work Co-founder of Washington, D.C.’s largest coworking community; boasting 6,000 sf. MORE LESS

Marketing Oracle

Marketing Oracle Engaged with Oracle Marketing on emerging technology for social media and mobile strategy. MORE LESS

Adj. Professor

Adj. Professor With over a half-decade of teaching, I’ll be joining General Assembly. MORE LESS

Industry Reprint

Industry Reprint Working with the largest publishers in the industry on adapting to social and mobile. MORE LESS

Socially Relevant

Socially Relevant We redesigned Mashable from the inside-out and redefined everything. MORE LESS

Running PUMA

Running PUMA Designed & architected the first mobile application prototype for PUMA. MORE LESS

Designing Ogilvy

Designing Ogilvy Brought in by Advertising’s top agency to redesign their Public Relations experience. MORE LESS

Venture Bound

Venture Bound Co-founded nclud, a Washington, D.C. creative web design agency. MORE LESS

A Foolish Year

A Foolish Year Joined The Motley Fool as Art Director to help build the team & redesign fool.com MORE LESS

Creative Director

Creative Director Hired by Cygnus Business Media to build & lead their first interactive design team. MORE LESS

My Discovery

My Discovery My career started at the Discovery Channel, as one of six designers. MORE LESS

Univ. of Maryland

Univ. of Maryland Studied ‘Advertising & Graphic Design’ at the University of Maryland, College Park. MORE LESS

Hi! I’m Norm

Norman Dempseylives and works in the Sarasota-Bradenton area all the while running social media for the awesome folks at BarCamp Sarasota-Bradenton.

I love connecting with cool people, so if you're not already a BarCamp member, sign up!

I’m always looking for business opportunities (though not necessarily employment), so please reach out to me and let's do cool things. I’m interested in:

  • IT Security, IoT, Business, & Tech
  • Entrepreneurial Ideas
  • Consulting & Business Innovation
  • Chatting Over Dinner or a Beer
Norman Dempsey

I am Norman DempseyThe Tech MacGyver at Spark Growth; I bring a suite of skills and experience to work challenges that range from technical projects to creative ad campaigns and social media messenging. i work well with in-house teams and outside referrals brining value to the ideas we generate and problems we solve.

Find me online and feel free to follow me, friend me, or connect with me: